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Si comincia

The current fragile economic situation of Italy, and moreover of European economy in general, is binding with the international situation and an economic environment which are constantly changing.

The perspectives of international markets integration, which mean a challenge due to an increase of business complexities, are evidenced by political consultations in favour of a free market trade area between the U.S. and the EU, or the implementation of the Aesan Economic Community coming in 2015.

Among political and economic issues, companies need to expand their markets beyond their national borders, in order to diversify the business risks and find new markets.

This activity brings an increase in the burden of time for searching key factors, both from the supply chain part, and the research for business partners from sales part to enter new markets whose reliability become dominant in the international environment.

ModeFinanceblog’s goal is to provide an overview of those themes that are ‘hot’ topics related to managing corporate issues and assessing risks and opportunities.

Our point of view will be focused both on Italian companies and foreign markets, enterprises and specific sectors.

In order to provide more insights about threats and opportunities that internationally oriented companies might face, both in the short and long-term relationship management, we are interested in leveraging the use of a database at our disposal which includes 70 million companies comprehensive information, both listed and unlisted, in more than 200 countries.

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