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Global Credit Rating: 200 million evaluations

Global Credit Rating: 200 million evaluations. Our Fintech Approach

Last week we were invited to the FinTechStage (link), one of the most important FinTech events in Italy and Europe.
The event was focused on the way that companies operating in integration between finance and information technology are taking: payments, blockchain, advisory robots were undoubtedly the most discussed topics.

We modeFinance showed our ideas about Credit Rating and what should be according to us the direction to take.
Two are our fundamentals elements: transparency and globality.

Transparency because a non-transparent and non-independent rating may no longer be part of the market.

Globality because now the financial operators work with all types of companies, without territorial or size limits.

These were the two drivers who last year led us to the development of the new MORE technology premiered at FinTechStage.

Thanks to this new technology of Credit Rating, modeFinance now evaluates more than 200 million companies in all countries of the world.

This was made possible thanks to an extensive and complex data mining that allowed modeFinance analysts to understand which are the drivers in the assessment of credit risk, even in the absence of financial data: corporate structure, industry, country, management and much more were all examined variables, and that now allow modeFinance assessment of any company in the world. Practically the largest bigdata work that has ever been undertaken in the credit risk assessment.

And all this with a transparent model showing the reasons for the assessment by providing the operator not only the Credit Rating assigned but also the motivation behind it.

Here is the link to the presentation (link).

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