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Over the years, several agreements have been made and many different fundamental projects, at an innovative level, were born: working with banks or businesses, with particular emphasis on SMEs, led us to leverage a multidisciplinary team, combined with transparency that pervades all levels of modefinance, which are and will be our core values and strengths, recognized by anyone who works with us.

Strong, sincere, long-lasting relationships: our entire growth path as a Fintech company is characterized by reliable, concrete and highly relevant solutions, plus the real value of people.

We wrote about some of these projects, together with our partners, here. (LINK)


Not just commercial deals and sales agreements: the network value is something we strongly believe in as one of our founding characteristics, capable of expressing the constant relationship with the entire academic world, research, industrial and technological development, and the deep bond with the territories. 
This explains humanity, the degree of primary importance we attach to people's value, of different experiences and of what the constant personal and professional growth of modefinance entails.

Bureau van Dijk

Bureau van Dijk is in the business of certainty. Bureau van Dijk captures and treats private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. With information on more than 200 million companies Bureau van Dijk is the resource for company data. A key benefit of its information is how simple it is to assess and compare companies internationally.

AREA Science Park

The largest technological-scientific park at national level, the uniqueness of a territory with a strong academic vocation: AREA Science Park is an ecosystem capable of connecting universities, research and the world of work, creating the right connections between companies and people.


Not only Trieste: there are many academic institutions with which we constantly work. In research, in in-depth analysis, with observers and students, a lasting bond that represents one of the strengths of modefinance, and of the people who make it up.

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