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Director, Credit Management

Mark (52)

“We sell to 100+ countries (8000+ customers), we operate with 5 business units, we own sales companies in 26 countries. What I need is a software connected with ERP to harmonize and standardize the collection process. Moreover we want customized solutions to remove manual analysis of “routine” credit limits and renewals”

Mark needed a light solution to simplify the complex credit management process.

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Manager, Export Credit Risk Department

Osman (63)

“We support exporters, contractors and investors through various credit, guarantee and insurance programs.
We have to know exactly what risk we run when we assure an exporter.
The analysis of international companies must be fully detailed and reliable.”

Osman needed a trustworthy partner in the risk quantification process;
the credit reports weren’t detailed enough because the bank he works for deals with big corporates.

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President and owner of an ICT company

Brigitta (43)

“We are working in an international challenging market.
I want to know how my competitors are performing and my market share

Brigitta was looking for comparable and reliable information about international companies.

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Autobody repairman

Emiliano (43)

“With the increase of roundabouts, accidents fall down.
More and more I have to work with company cars, the fact is that they do not pay.”

Emiliano needed an easy, fast and simple solution to check the quality of the local companies.

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