of credit risk

Is credit risk assessment a strategic factor in your decision-making processes?

We offer customized applications, services and solutions, which can be integrated with your business processes, based on the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to big data analysis.
Accurate financial information, real-time updates, simulations and forecasts: a complete suite for the best management and integration of risk analysis.

Fintech companies

The automation of an integrated risk analysis, integrating public and proprietary information, processes and flows.

Banks - Financial institutions

ECAI ratings, daily analysis of exposure risk, vertical assessments on internal policies and dedicated custom solutions.

Capital markets and funds

The digitization and automation of financial risk analysis processes, on highly advanced technologies and unique platforms.

Companies and Entrepreneurs

Businesses' self-assessment for better access to credit, risk management on customers and suppliers portfolios.

Why modefinance?

Technological innovation as a tool to exploit the enormous amount of data that is created every day, and to allow the financial health of companies to be assessed.

We offer simple and transparent solutions to companies in all sectors, banks and financial services companies, to allow the automation of processes related to financial risk management.

the Rating-as-a-Service

A rating service tailored to your needs, available in the cloud, to automate internal procedures and digitize risk management and assessment.

Tigran Risk Platform is the patented, modular and cloud-based solution that allows you to cut analysis times, costs and resources, in managing financial risks and improving your strategy.

The Rating Agency authorized to operate throughout Europe (CRA and ECAI)

modefinance is registered as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA) according to EC Regulation No. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Rely on the first Fintech Rating Agency in Europe: the creditworthiness assessments of companies and banks, which support you with transparency and reliability in credit requests, in positioning on the market, and certify your solidity with customers and suppliers.

the rating, at your fingertip

The mobile and web application that allows you to access the evaluation of the MORE Rating, the commercial credit line, the negativities and all the financial information of all companies in Europe.

The right tool when you need to get to know partners, customers and suppliers with immediacy, truthfulness, and on the move, with the reliability of public data and the completeness of the financial statements filed.

Advanced technologies, available to your needs


The proprietary model for analyzing and evaluating the rating of any company and bank in the world.


Scenario and financials simulation, to estimate the evolution of credits, supply chains and portfolios.

AI & Data Science

Development and implementation of  custom AI-based models, tailored on specific industry, country or policy needs.

API & Plug-N-Play

All the advanced modeling is formed and developed internally, and is available for a direct integration via APIs.

Sustainability, the ESG ratings

Credit risk assessments are limited to financial factors, and the world needs much more:
therefore we develop a global assessment on ESG parameters, built on the basis of sustainability and impact, as a fundamental tool for supporting all companies, the financial world and business, with the concrete objective of facilitating intelligent, reactive and future-appropriate decisions. .

Explore the ESG ratings

A valuable network: our partners and customers

Banks, Fintech companies, holdings and corporates, insurance companies, SMEs and institutions that rely on modefinance for the integration of technologies and for the automation of daily credit risk management, all over the world.

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