modefinance Credit Rating methodology

MORE methodology

MORE - Multi Objective Rating Evaluation - is the core of our evaluation methodology. Based on the most advanced numerical methods, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it allows us to evaluate the rating of any company and bank in the world.

The MORE methodology is used by modefinance as part of the Credit Rating assessment process, following the Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies (European Regulation No. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament, 16 September 2009).

Thanks to MORE we are able to offer everyone a reliable, solid and precise score (as a numerical evaluation), without having geographical, dimensional or sector constraints.


The highly technological heart of MORE is the result of an elastic and objective combination between the economic and financial background - to understand and analyze the information deriving from ratings and financial statements - and the skills of engineering and numerical methods - able to design and mastering complex systems.

Thanks to the integration of multi-objective algorithms, and a structure with multidisciplinary capabilities, the MORE methodology is particularly efficient in the predictive rating of companies and financial institutions.

MORE is in continuous development: the methodology is continuously validated and, if resolved dated, it can be quickly revised, integrated and improved, on the basis of constantly updated data: the FinTech evaluation icon is constantly evolving, capable of perfectly integrating research and development under changing market conditions.

Global, unlimited coverage

Thanks to our predisposition in a data science perspective, and to the multi-objective rating assessment methodology, based on Artificial Intelligence, we are able to provide accurate and transparent credit risk analyzes of any company or financial institution in the world.

More than 300 million companies, in more than 200 countries, and all 65k banks in the world, even in cases where financial data does not exist publicly: corporate structure, industry, geographical area, managers and board of directors, are just a few of dozens of variables that we have selected for the qualitative evaluation, to guarantee our customers the most accurate result possible, without any limit and constraint on country, sector or company size.


The modularity of the proposed solutions, the ease of adoption and integration of different technological tools, the integration of structured and non-structured data, with proprietary and / or public data, and with the mass of so-called "alternative data", with the ultimate goal to always provide the best solution for the customer, extrapolating the greatest value from the data: this is how we understand flexibility in modefinance, both structural and process and information.


The accuracy in the collection of information, in the processing and development of solutions, for example in the cases of a complex system such as credit rating, is the degree of proximity of the assessments to the true value of that entity. In our case, this precision is related to the great attention paid to data, algorithms and parameters adopted in the elaborations and in the tools developed internally, to support companies and the specific needs of our client.


MORE's philosophy is based on the principle that the better the balance between the different areas, the lower the total financial risk of the company or bank examined.

This proprietary methodology evolves around the careful study of all the economic and financial areas of a company: profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, production quality, monetary cycle, etc.

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