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Why should I choose modefinance?

In modefinance, we believe that transparency and automation are present and future working pillars and, together with understanding and analyzing data, are fundamental for companies to growth.

This is why we support leading corporates, institutions and financial services with advanced technological solutions that are easy-to-use, more transparent and capable of cutting wastes, with a concrete time', costs' and traditional operations' reduction.

Simplifying workflows

Process automation, rapid and realtime, within a modular and flexible workflow: you will be able to analyze internal and portfolio's financial risk within a few minutes.

Our customers take advantage of an integrated offer to innovate with agility and rapidity, accelerating development cycles by 6 times, with the possibility to obtain a certified credit rating within 12 days.

Artificial intelligence, explained

No more constraints related to tech integration, no blocked computers for weeks: advanced IT security and ease of upscaling of proprietary systems.

A simple and highly advanced approach, also available via API, allows you to adopt our platforms in cloud without intervening on company devices.

Furthermore, responding in a reactive way to new market demands allows continuous development, for the best solutions and customer experience, thanks to the unique methodologies we develop, based on explainable artificial intelligence and data science.

A multidisciplinary team

The application of advanced technologies, the development of artificial intelligence models, the analysis and understanding of big data and traditional financial valuation are strongly integrated and interact in a single environment, characterized by a highly transparent Fintech approach.

You will get solid and complete solutions, with internal and proprietary data integration, and the chance to get ad hoc templates, tailored on you.

The continuous development of interdisciplinary skills, solutions and resources allows our highly-qualified professionals to support you, all around your business needs.

Global approach, without black-boxes

Thanks to our MORE methodology, you will obtain solutions with a global approach, without geographical, sectoral, industrial or dimensional limits: we evaluate over 300 million companies and more than 65 thousand banks worldwide, from SMEs to listed companies.

The models developed by modefinance are reviewed and tested in real time, giving you the ability to integrate quantitative and qualitative data, and a broad vision on methodologies: transparency is part of our mission, allowing full visibility on the explanatory factors and the technologies we adopt.


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Worldwide support

Benefit from a wide and global coverage, thanks to the expertise of our service team

High-level ecosystem

Trust our network of professionals and partners for the success of your projects

A-grade security

High-level data privacy and security, as our top priority at any level of your business

Find out why customers love to work with us

When looking for a partner who was able to enhance our credit skills, we did not want to rely on blackbox-systems on the market. At the same time, we were looking for advanced digital processes capable of aligning ourselves with the objectives of innovation; after in-depth scouting, we chose modefinance thanks to the use of its Tigran Risk Platform, which provided us with the answers we were looking for. 
A very heterogeneous team, with high skills and decision-making autonomy, to effectively bring the goal to the ground.

Daniele Melandri

Responsabile sviluppo, CredemFactor

As we started working with modefinance, we immediately felt it was the right supplier: we strongly believe in partnerships between traditional finance and Fintechs, towards a positive and healthy mutual contamination. 
We have launched a multi-faced project, reviewing and digitalizing some internal processes with the aim of making credit analysis more efficient, and therefore mitigating the traditional bank risks, while resorting to advanced technologies issued by a leading company such as modefinance.

Hermes Bianchetti

Responsabile divisione business, Banca Valsabbina

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