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International experience...

Modefinance International is a modefinance company founded in 2021, as the result of merging A for Value -modefinance exclusive distributor in Asia and Africa since 2018- and modefinance itself.

The company's focus is to actively participate in the inclusion of credit management, on a global level, in which all the different market players are more aware and have the opportunity to adequately manage their financial quality, credit risk, and the counterparties' credit risk assessment.

The goal is to bring the application skills of modefinance products globally, through the integration with first-level institutions (credit institutions, rating agencies and software companies for policy management), in order to offer advanced and consolidated credit risk management solutions, bringing AI- and data science-based modefinance rating methodologies.

...with a strong local imprint

The results are improved bankability, adequate insurance conditions, and greater attractiveness on the markets. All this, in order to obtain positive indicators of the position and financial health of those subjects who adopt and use our solutions, reaching important results quicker, and the transfer of know-how relating to the Artificial Intelligence methodologies used in product support.

Modefinance international services are tailored on the specific regionality and characteristics of the reference markets for the various users such as banks, credit insurance companies, financial institutions and commercial companies. These customers are able to leverage the patented Tigran Risk Platform solution to digitalize and automate their credit risk management processes, the customization of scoring models, and to access information and data covering over 300 million companies -from SMEs to listed companies- and more than 65k banks worldwide.

G-local coverage

With the mission of constantly developing, supplying and supporting our customers in a timely manner, and managing advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies for credit risk assessment all over the world, you have solutions developed specifically for your needs, by your side, at your disposal.
Thanks to the specificity of modefinance international, you are able to approach us directly on the territories, and thanks to precious strategic partnerships, with primary players on various local markets around the world.

To complete the offer and provide the best complete and integrated solutions to the banking, insurance and commercial world, modefinance international collaborates with global partners in business information, core-banking, LOS, LMS, always toward a smooth software integration.

A complete customer-friendly offer, through platforms, Plug-N-Play solutions, and APIs

Public and private data, multiple applications

Having access to structured and unstructured data sources, with the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the quality of credit risk, is the key point for our users.

We are committed to exploring new integrations and developing new modeling also via API, in order to support local agencies and credit institutions, and any data provider, with our solutions.

Operating in emerging markets represents a further challenge in terms of data availability and quality, so that our users have the right tools to perform analyzes in an objective and consistent way, using qualitative and quantitative scoring solutions, with a wide range of customizations based on proprietary methodologies and advanced tech tools.

We are customer-centric from the beginning, and all custom developments are based on the integration of digital solutions with your internal risk policies, and the operational processes of product application adapt perfectly to your current procedures.

A valuable network of references

Acceleration of decision-making times, in the analysis and assessment of credit risk; reduction of coverage costs; digitization of processes, applying technologies based on AI and Big Data Analytics; increase in business volumes, with higher coverage ratios and significant growth in the company's ability to access credit; support in the launch of new products on the market, thanks to demonstrable credibility and solidity: some of the main results achieved by our customers, all over the world.

Banks, Fintech companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, holding companies, SMEs and businesses, and institutions globally that have successfully relied on modefinance for the integration of advanced technologies and for the automation of daily credit risk management, and today they represent the major users of our products and services.

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