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By 2025, 80% of companies and financial institutions will have abandoned the traditional processes of adopting IT technologies in favor of greater attention to the integration and use of data.

When you find it difficult to choose suppliers of technological systems, or to adopt partners who offer you Artificial Intelligence solutions, which can be difficult to understand and therefore use, dwell on the detail: what data do they use? How are they processed and analyzed?

The market's choice to focus on the concept of Explainable AI (which is nothing more than the principle of making the operation of an artificial intelligence and its results as understandable as possible for the user) fits in with our vision: you will always get clear answers, reliable and understandable technological solutions, and maniacal precision in data science, as well as in their use.

  • Precision
  • Transparency
  • Independence
  • Compliance with regulations and legislation
  • Clear and transparent relationships with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Public, certified, reproducible and truthful information
  • Quick responses to external variationsClear and understandable results, without blackbox
  • Using technologies - such as those in Artificial Intelligence and data science - that can be explained, understood, and used with ease, even and above all in cases where there is no previous knowledge, is part of your choice.

you will adopt

you will adopt

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic, among others, are part of the baggage you will have access to: the multi-disciplinary nature of the modefinance teams allows us to develop advanced modeling, customized and tailored on your specific needs. 

All this, in order to offer you adequate digitization in credit risk management processes, and more accurate, functional, objective and reliable rating assessments.

You will have access to a wide range of solutions and services for the analysis, evaluation, hedging and entire management of financial risk, whether you are a bank, a fund manager or an enterprise, with the unique opportunity to assess the creditworthiness of thousands of listed companies, millions of private individuals and all 65,000 banks in the world.

Real-time information and annual or inter-annual reviews

We provide you with consistent updates and Nowcasting analytics, trending in real time.

Where we notice the lack of a standard methodology (for example on the integration of proprietary and external data, which very often causes you a substantial loss of value) you will be able to take advantage of agile but highly technological solutions, and easily integrated with the systems already in use, which allow to collect all the information, extracting the maximum value from Big Data and Small Data.

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