Credit Report


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  • You want to protect your business from potential losses, but you don't know how?
  • You want to prevent surprises from current customers, suppliers, distributors and partners?
  • You already use credit reports but your current provider lacks some information or is unreliable?

So, you need more ... ASK MORE!

ASKMORE is the modeFinance service which provides the credit risk assessment of every company in the world by investigating and studying its economical and financial behavior.
Thanks to ASKMORE, the client can access to a wide areas of information as: modeFinance MORE Rating and probability of default, Commercial Credit Limit, financial statements, ratio analysis, sector analysis and comparison, shareholders, subsidiaries, board of directors, etc.
Thanks to its international partnerships, the ASKMORE Credit Reports have a worldwide coverage.

modeFinance can support your decision making process on a global level by providing you two different level of analysis:

ASKMORE Basic: includes modeFinance MORE credit ratings and MORE Credit Limit to help you in the decision making. It covers all essential information including financial statements of the last three years and descriptive information including trade description and sector analysis. This report is ideally suited to decision on transactions with each level of risk: such as monitoring the customers or suppliers in your portfolio, controlling competitors, self-analysis, etc.

ASKMORE Plus: This is the most comprehensive and detailed report prepared by modeFinance analysts. It enhances all information available in ASKMORE Basic with deep financial analysis made by modeFinance's analysts, market overview, industry drivers, trends, competitive environment. This report type is ideally suited for having the deeper knowledge about the financial status of the company.


Please note that the measure of creditworthiness included in modeFinance ASKMORE is not a credit rating as defined in accordance with the EU Regulation 1060/2009. modeFinance, for the creditworthiness evaluation of the companies, operates buying and elaborating only public data (of companies and never of personal data) in accordance of the actual Italian law and in force of the obtained license. modeFinance doesn't buy or use any sensible, private o secret data. The evaluation of modeFinance are validated for the accuracy checking.

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