The MORE Philosophy
The credit rating technology by modefinance
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MORE is the acronym for Multi Objective Rating Evaluation, the Credit Risk assessment methodology based on the most advanced numerical technologies on Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to evaluate the rating of any company and any bank in the world.

The MORE methodology is used by modefinance as part of the Credit Rating publication process following the European Regulation N. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament dated 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).

Everything we do, we pursue the essential element for a proper Credit Rating analysis: transparency.

The benefits

Credit Rating is a keystone for any company: from investment funds to small size companies and freelance professionals, anyone needs to know the economic and financial quality of its partners, customers, suppliers, and competitors.

Thanks to the MORE algorithm, it is now possible to have a reliable, solid and accurate Rating for everyone, without any geographical, revenue capital or industry boundaries.

The Innovation

MORE's founding vision relies on: the better the balance between the different areas, the lower the total financial risk of the examined company or bank.

modefinance's methodology applies to the accurate study of all the economic and financial areas of a company: profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, production quality, etc.

MORE’s highly technological core is an in-depth combination between the various skills inside modefinance: the economic and financial background, to understand and analyze ratings and balance sheets, meets the numerical engineering expertise, to design and master complex systems.

Thanks to the integration of multi-objective algorithms and specific multi-disciplinary capabilities, the MORE Rating is particularly efficient in the company's predictive rating.

modefinance's Fintech analysts adopt useful numerical methods, such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Fuzzy Logic, to customize and verticalize the developed models, offering the most accurate, functional and reliable rating evaluation.

The Products

Thanks to MORE, modefinance is able to assess the credit rating of any company in the world: more than 250million companies in more than 200 countries, even when balance sheet data are missing. Corporate structure, industry, geographical area, board and management are just some of the dozens of variables we selected, to ensure our customers the best possible Credit Rating.

The MORE model allows us to develop several products: the Corporate Credit Rating *issued under Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009*, Credit Risk Assessment Platforms, BigData Analysis on Internal Financials, Customized Financial Models, Portfolio Analysis, Credit Report, Sectoral Analysis, etc.

In addition to this, we can also provide the Credit Rating of more than 35,000 banks worldwide, with an official valuation *that may be used for regulatory purposes*.