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modeFinance is specialized in the financial consulting and companies’ creditworthiness evaluation


Thanks to its own methodology for credit risk analysis, modeFinance provides different products and services to satisfy every business need belonging to a modern credit and risk management.

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With effect from July 10th, 2015, modeFinance Srl is registered as a Credit Rating Agency in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament ad of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).
Here the link on the registered and certified CRA's (link to the ESMA Public Statment and link to the registered CRA).

modeFinance products and services help our clients in the decision making, giving the best information in terms of quality, efficiency, transparency. Utilizing the modeFinance products our clients have easy access to the knowledge of the credit risk of companies, sectors, holdings, countries, suppliers’ chains, vendors, etc.
Thanks to its international partnerships, the modeFinance's risk analyses are without geographic limits. Starting from North America, arriving to Asia, modeFinance is able to provide a worldwide coverage.
The customers of modeFinance are the market players from different countries which operate in various economic sectors, also financial sectors such as insurance, banking, financial advisory as well as many other public organizations and governmental institutions.


modeFinance is a successful example of integration between financial knowledge and modern engineering numerical methods.

Valentino Pediroda (PhD in Numerical Methods) and Mattia Ciprian (PhD in Corporate Finance) are the founders, owners and heart of modeFinance.


The founders of modeFinance began working in financial environment in 2003 inside an Italian research project MIUR “Complex Systems in Economics”. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, the charter members of modeFinance executed consulting activities for Italian rating agencies, mainly developing numerical models for the enterprise failure prediction.


After having had enough experience in the development of numerical methods for financial risk, Valentino and Mattia decided to found an enterprise based on new competencies, a company able of solving financial problems with an engineering approach: modeFinance.


In March 2007, Valentino & Mattia meet in Milan the CEO of Bureau van Dijk (www.bvdinfo.com), one of Europe's leading electronic publishers of business information. The two companies signed an agreement and started introducing MORE ratings into AMADEUS database (which contains the digital financial data of more than 12 million companies in 41 Pan-European countries).
modeFinance evaluations were distributed all over the world.


modeFinance ratings are started to be offered in international markets all around the world via BvDEP: After being distributed inside Amadeus database, MORE ratings now are available in ORIANA (companies Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions), ORBIS (companies from all around the world).


modeFinance’s Headquarters are located at the AREA Science Park in Trieste, Italy, a prestigious, multi-sectorial Science and Technology Park where research, development and innovation bear excellent results.


modeFinance launch s-peek (www.s-peek.com), the first mobie and web app with more then 20 million credit scoring on all Europe.


modeFinance has been prized as Best Italian Fintech Company link


With effect from July 10th, 2015, modeFinance Srl is registered as a Credit Rating Agency in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament ad of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).


Bandiera dell'Unione Europea

modefinance has been funded by the EC's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument scheme to conduct a Feasibility Study on expansion throughout the EU. The project is based on the development of an innovative web paltform for SME's Credit Rating (link to the project).


With effect from October 2016, modeFinance Srl extended the registation as a Credit Rating Agency even for banks Rating evaluation in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament ad of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).


The best reference is the satisfaction of our clients; here you can find a selection.

CHUBB Insurance

Before meeting modeFinance: “We have found with some other companies ratings that a company could have a negative net worth but still receive a good score if they pay their bills on time. So, they are weighting payment traffic heavier than shareholders equity. That would be unacceptable for us.”
After meeting modeFinance: “I have to say that we were very impressed with the MORE Rating as well as with Mr's Pediroda and Ciprian. There approach to analyzing a company's financials, though much more complex than ours, is in fact the first automated analysis tool which comes the closest to our approach to analyzing companies.”

Piaggio Group

During last years, modeFinance has proved to be our best partner in answering to our specific needs for monitoring the creditworthiness of our worldwide strategic suppliers. This result has been reached thanks to the quality and accuracy of the modeFinance's Credit Reports: ASKMORE and thanks to the modeFinance's structure, characterized by efficiency and flexibility.
Our collaboration focused on different aspects thanks to the broad set of products; the specific dynamics of the market with the complexity of the finance world need a careful analysis of every aspect of the suppliers (European or Asian).
Following our fast international consolidation, we are developing with modeFinance one internal platform for rating evaluation in order to give a coherent credit risk analysis of every supplier, making a global analysis of our Group, considering European and Asian areas.

Saxo Bank

modeFinance has proven to be a very valuable partner in our work to develop proprietary and customized models for assessing credit risk for corporates.
Not only do they have a stellar range of products based on market leading quantitative techniques but also an approach to deliver value adding client solutions which is admirable.
The good dialogue and the team’s ability to think out of the box has furthermore ensured the challenges encountered during the project were successfully resolved. We have furthermore found the transparency and documentation of the entire credit rating project very helpful in our communication with our stakeholders.
In short, we are very satisfied with our collaboration with modeFinance.

DuPont International Operations Sarl

modeFinance partners with DuPont to provide customized risk management solutions using an out of the box approach. This is a company which continuously improves its offering and extends its range of services. If you are ready to share ideas – modeFinance will listen to you.

Research & Development

The innovative MORE rating model (MORE is the acronym of Multi Objective Rating Evaluation) developed by modeFinance permitted the company to have the main office in AREA SCIENCE PARK which is a multi-sector Science and Technology Park where research, development and innovation bear excellent results (Friuli Venezia Giulia - northeastern Italy).


Partnership enriches the quality of the services to the customers, therefore the policy of modeFinance is establishing a network of alliances with information providers and IT companies all around the world. Through these partnerships we are able to provide financial information for every company in the world, and build solutions that respond to the real customers' need in the credit risk analysis.


Corvallis is a leading Information Technology operator in the Italian market with a high-added value proposition for the banking and insurance world, industries, service companies, and public administrations. More than twenty-five years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of major production processes have allowed the company to strengthen a specialised portfolio of services focused on development and competitive advantages for its clients. Established thanks to the management buy-out operation of Infracom IT, Corvallis is now a sound company in a group of 12 specialised companies, with 1,300 employees, 26 operational offices located throughout Italy and over 500 clients. Operational expertise and technologies, related to products and processes, carefully centred on technological development and a partnership approach with clients, provide excellent and innovative solutions. www.corvallis.it

Bureau van Dijk

Bureau van Dijk is in the business of certainty. Bureau van Dijk captures and treats private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. With information on more than 200 million companies Bureau van Dijk is the resource for company data. A key benefit of its information is how simple it is to assess and compare companies internationally.


TicWorks is modeFinance' partner in the Nordic countries regarding distribution of rating and credit management services. Through a network of partners TicWorks assist corporates in financing, either through corporate bonds or Direct Lending solutions. TicWorks strength is its distribution of the loans or bonds in a standardized format to its network of retail, family office and institutional investors.


Workinvoice.it ("WIT"), the first Italian invoice-trading platform, started to operate in December 2014 and successfully closed its early auctions. WIT is addressing the 3rd largest european invoice financing market and provides an alternative pool of liquidity to Italian SMEs, that suffered a euro 100 billion credit crunch since the end of 2011 while facing longer B2B payment terms than european average.
Workinvoice proprietary platform is based on Italian law for non-recourse receivables saleand helps private and institutional investors finding short-term opportunities by supporting very active Italian supply chains through an online competitive bid system.

AREA Science Park

A national benchmark for technology transfer and a prestigious, multi-sectoral Science and Technology Park where research, development and innovation bear excellent results: this is AREA Science Park.

MIB School of Management

For twenty years, MIB School of Management has been one of the top international business schools for managerial education in Italy and in the world.

Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory scrl is the “first mile incubator” of AREA Science Park, Italy’s foremost Science and Technology Park.
It welcomes future entrepreneurs interested in creating their own business plan, and cooperates with them to transform an innovative idea into a successful business.
Innovation Factory