A broaden global horizon: modefinance partners with Apollonian

modefinance 7 September 2021

A strategic partnership to provide ratings worldwide

Apollonian Research and Advisory enters a strategic partnership with modefinance, an Italy-based Credit Rating Agency, to deliver credit rating and credit scores worldwide. The partnership has become reality through another strategic partner in TicWorks AB who cooperates on raising funding with Apollonian and concurrently is an agent for Modefinance regarding its product suite.

The fully digital service will be available on the Insight platform as of this summer. Insight was developed by Apollonian, a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that improves the way information is distributed in the Private Equity market regardless of the size, sector or maturity any given company or investor. The award-winning multi-model solution helps both companies seeking to attract capital, mitigate risks and boost growth as well as for portfolio managers to improve their deal flow management, due diligence processes and portfolio monitoring.

The announcement is the latest among a group of functionalities Apollonian has added to the Insight platform, which currently caters for a wide range of different clients in more than 27 countries globally. Modefinance has a footprint in Europe and, with international partnerships in place, their services are currently used by clients from US to Asia -having a rating AI-methodology capable of evaluating more than 250 million companies and all the 65k banks, worldwide.

"As an official Credit Rating Agency with fully digital offering modefinance fits perfectly with our strategy to support our customers and our outreach to new verticals within the credit space", says Co-Founder & Chairman Tuomas Saarinen, "Modefinance products and services help our clients in the decision making, giving the best information in terms of quality, efficiency, transparency. By integrating modefinance’s products our clients can reveal the underlying credit risk of companies, portfolios holdings as well as suppliers and vendors."

Modefinance CEO Mattia Ciprian adds: "Creditworthiness, financial risk analysis and management, and variety of different funding sources is a key for well-functioning financial markets. Instead of relying on historical data - often outdated or partial - we are able to add to the partnership with Apollonian transparent, accurate and truly independent credit scores and ratings, to better support the market’s need of a wider and more conscious decision-making. Thanks to the partnership with Apollonian, we provide our clients advanced tech tools and reliable credit ratings, not only to analyze, protect and manage credit risk, but to support a financially-healthy growth, a fundamental combination in global markets today."

"The partnership between the three of us will make a difference in the realm of new capital requirements that will affect lending to SMEs across Europe. We foresee a productive cooperation with Apollonian in this regard to facilitate both debt and equity to many companies by providing cost efficient credit rating products from modefinance", says Roger Hakanson, founder and CEO of TicWorks.

About Apollonian

Apollonian Research & Advisory is a Luxembourg-based fintech company that has developed Insight, the first universal company analysis platform. Through the platform clients can access multi-model fair value assessments, credit rating and scoring, risk assessment and investment management services. The Insight platform is available to both companies and investors worldwide.

About TicWorks

TicWorks works with mid-size corporates in facilitating debt transactions, primarily with non-bank lenders. Concurrently, TicWorks advise clients on financial strategy, debt/equity balancing, and as an agent, they market modefinance products and services in the Nordics.