modefinance international lands in Mauritius, agreement signed with Strategic Insight to offer advanced credit risk management solutions

modefinance 17 May 2022

Modefinance International and Strategic Insight have signed a partnership agreement with the purpose to offer the Mauritian market a unique, flexible and cloud-based platform to manage credit risk assessment and automate internal procedures.

The main solution will be based on Tigran Risk Platform, the modefinance patented Rating-as-a-Service, which integrates the entire functions and tools of a rating agency into a FinTech modular web/on premises system, able to digitalize and manage the entire process: counterparty credit risk assessment, exposure portfolio management, pricing models, with a specific focus on financial institutions, corporates, investment funds, Fintech companies and insurance companies.

The solution is open for integration with database/software and will include Strategic Insight functionalities related to credit risk underwriting processes, together with business information database and a practical credit report elaboration.

Zayd Soobedar and Cristian Giacomini

Zayd Soobedar, Strategic Insight Group’s Managing Director, commented: “This collaboration is going to bring along a much-awaited change in the Mauritian financial landscape especially with optimization of technology (including AI and Machine learning) in the credit risk management of corporates as well as facilitating credit risk analysis for financial institutions. The partnership with modefinance further strengthens our positioning as a RiskTech player on the market and will contribute significantly to boost efficiency and productivity.”

“Mauritius represents one of the most important commercial and financial hubs connecting Africa to Middle East. The openness of the country and financial industry to use new AI technology, the high number of new licensed companies and the key role of our partner Strategic Insight in the domestic market represent the fundamentals of our business development and commercial strategy” are the words by Cristian Giacomini, modefinance international CEO.