modefinance international and DataPro partner to bring Tigran Risk Platform to the Nigerian market

modefinance 28 March 2022

Tigran Risk Platform lands in Nigeria, thanks to the modefinance international agreement with DataPro Limited

Good news from Nigeria: modefinance international partners with DataPro Limited, to launch Tigran-for-DataPro.

The idea to expand our services on a global competitive market, focusing on Asia and Africa, emerged from the strong market answer to Fintech progress, as global partnerships encourage financial institutions and investors to increase the technological development of credit risk analysis and financing solutions, while contributing to the sustainable growth of the real economy.

This partnership proves once again the validity of our mission, and our solutions' technological capabilities.

DataPro, Nigeria’s tech-driven Credit Rating Agency (CRA), recognized the patented Tigran Risk Platform as a highly cutting-edge product, distinguished by its AI-based structure and models, its flexibility, as well as its time-saving and resources-saving approach. Our Rating-as-a-Service solution is based on Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics and big data analysis, thus representing an adaptable, modular and rapid credit risk management tool.   

Why Tigran

Tigran for DataPro will bring to the Nigerian market an advanced solution for customized risk analyses, Nowcasting models, the ForST methodology and a wide portfolio analysis, among the others.

Commenting the partnership, Prince Oladele Adeoye, DataPro Chief Rating Officer, said: “We recognise that credit decision-making needs to be effective and efficient. This has become necessary today, as customers are looking forward to speedy, convenient, and cost-effective services from providers. A technology that can assist Financial Institutions and Corporate Bodies whose businesses run on credit to make informed decisions, therefore, becomes essential.”

Mattia Ciprian and Valentino Pediroda, modefinance co-founders and co-CEOs, add: “The credit market needs more and more fast evaluations with high accuracy. At modefinance, we are engaged on a daily basis in supporting organizations all over the world, with greater focus on the African continent.”

Signing the deal, Cristian Giacomini, CEO of modefinance international, adds: “We are fully committed to working towards first-level partnerships, to sustain and generate added value on a global scale economy, and we are able to do that thanks to the incredible technologies we constantly develop, able to perfectly adapt to different market needs in credit risk management, for banks, financial institutions, capital markets, and corporates. Our lean Fintech approach to innovation, with Explainable AI, is paving the way for everyone to have access to better financial services.”  

About DataPro

DataPro Limited is a licensed Credit Rating Agency (CRA) in Nigeria, recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Since its foundation in 1995, DataPro has covered a vital role in supporting the expansion and development of the Nigerian economy, and in reducing inequality and information asymmetry in investment decisions.

Mainly providing credit rating services, and committed to providing compliance solutions, third party verification services and business information reports, they have a strong tech-driven approach -as we have- thus emerging as a business with a solid professional and ethical reputation, and pushing Fintech one step forward in Nigeria.

A stand-alone, Plug-N-Play risk solution for the Nigerian market

These days, both modefinance and DataPro have the ambitious goal of revolutionizing and modernizing the credit risk analysis and management processes, not just for banks, insurance companies, and FinTechs, but letting capital markets, corporates and SMEs access cloud-based solutions, easy to adopt, integrate and use, on the way to disrupt the everyday working routine, with AI and process automation.

Tigran Risk Platform's uniqueness, along with the effort of sustaining cross-continental deals, allows us to constantly develop our methodologies and solutions, to offer real-time evaluations, financial health monitoring systems, thus bringing credit risk management to a whole new level of transparency and reliability.