modeFinance on stage at the Finovate European conference

modefinance 9 February 2017

On February 7th and 8th we attended Finovate’s European event in 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London.

modeFinance had been invited to present itself as the first fintech European credit rating agency, proficient in analytics in credit risk management and, for the first time to an international market, s-peek, our financial reliability solution for SMEs and consultants, to attendees working both in the finance and technologies world.

What's Finovate

Started as a New York finance conference company in 1995, Finovate was founded by Jim Bruene, among the first online banking creators. At that time, he launched the Home Banking Network via Microsoft Money. Finovate’s newsletter became quickly an important voice in the nascent sector.With more than 30 events, it is now a global network connecting 700 fintech companies and more than 16.000 attendees around the world. From San Francisco to Hong Kong, from London to New York, the team started FinDEVr in 2014, a second conference series focused on the technology and developer side of fintech, both on the West and East coast of the USA.

London 2010 was the first time Finovate landed in Europe, and since then it has grown becoming one of the most important networking events globally, where fintech companies have the chance to reach an interested and focused target, with financial institutions, investors, press, more fintech companies and industry analysts.

Why we attended

As modeFinance faced an impressive growth in 2016, we are expanding our audience at a European level, presenting ourselves as the first certified fintech credit rating agency. Having the opportunity to take the stage, we talked about who we are and what we do to help companies, banks and professionals at any level. Our fintech solutions are client-tailored, applying big data and a proprietary methodology to financial ratings, useful for everyone.

We met investors, startups, bankers, bloggers and disruptive companies from all over the world, each and any one of them with interesting projects. modeFinance had the chance to chat with some of these, developing useful collaboration proposals to further partnerships or team up.

We believe that networking, meeting like-minded companies and facing up new tech solutions is the best way to keep on improving. Finovate has been such an amazing event, and we couldn’t be more pleased to attend.