New partnership between A for Value and modefinance

modefinance 18 October 2018

New international partnership between A for Value and modefinance, promoting risk mitigation applying Fintech

We are delighted to announce the ambitious new global partnership between modefinance and A for Value. The agreement will be modefinance’s benchmark for the MEA countries presence and identifies A for Value as its exclusive distributor through Middle East and Africa.

The attention to these markets, which represents a significant international development for modefinance, is in line with the growth of the brand: Fintech represents a strong and innovative industry, pushing tech solutions through foreign financial markets.

A for Value will be able to offer modefinance’s customized risk management solutions to a spectrum of potential clients, where project, trade, lending, investment or guarantee exposures need support in terms of risk quality, quantity and Fintech rating model.

A for Value is a leading management consultancy, investment and general trading solutions company that supports businesses and institutions to manage risks and create value.Established in 2017 in UAE, the company has a 30-years-experienced team with a multidisciplinary expertise in structuring rating processes, finance, re-insurance, project management and engineering. With global connections and local networks, A for Value has access to more than 120 countries and it is the point of reference for companies, governments and international organizations that want to be socially responsible and technologically advanced. Among other services it includes economics and data analytics, project structuring and development, with a focus on social and affordable housing.

«The strategic alliance will give our clients the opportunity to have an active role in the industry modernization process, to leverage modefinance expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Science together with A for Value risk management and trading solutions for dynamic transactions», said Cristian Giacomini and Gianfranco Sanseverino, A for Value co-founders.

Established in 2009 in Italy, modefinance is a native Fintech company which provides ratings and risk management solutions, thanks to its own MORE methodology and its unique cross-skilled team, applying Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies to finance, with a global approach. The ability to provide automatic, transparent and efficient analysis’ tools, helping corporates, financial institutions and organizations, let modefinance be the first official Fintech Rating Agency in Europe, authorized by ESMA (European Security and Markets Authority), which confirms the high reliability of its advanced products and services.

«The aim of the agreement is to accentuate the technological and innovative proposition, to form new synergies with existing businesses, to help institutions better evaluate business projects, protecting from failures, and to embrace the enormous digital transformation taking place in the area», said Valentino Pediroda and Mattia Ciprian, modefinance co-founders.

Thanks to this partnership, modefinance products, solutions and innovative capabilities are therefore pouring into a fast-changing and deep evolving market.