Partnership agreement between Socrate 4.0 iLab and modefinance

modefinance 22 March 2023

Socrate 4.0 iLab was established by a team of professionals with a solid experience in the business consulting field with a clearly defined goal: taking up the change challenge and the opportunities that come with it.

New market contexts, new dynamics and closer attention to the ability of generating a positive impact on society and the environment will be increasingly important for a company’s growth. Creating a sustainability path will be a necessary condition in order to remain competitive on the market and prevent limits on access to credit, especially in the coming years.

Socrate iLab’s mission is assisting companies, SMEs in particular, in the process of business change towards a sustainable growth and the suitability for the certification. Socrate iLab strongly believes in the network value, and it is thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified specialists that it is possible to modulate policy proposals that fit perfectly the corporate situation.

In order to start a sustainability process, it is essential to know the supported reality, and it is in this framework that starts the collaboration with modefinance, a TechFin company specialized in enterprises’ credit risk assessment and Credit Rating Agency, part of the Teamsystem group. Socrate 4.0 iLab has adopted Tigran, modefinance’s Rating-as-a-Service solution that integrates a Credit Rating Agency’s functionality in a modular platform, by digitizing and automating the risk assessment process, thus making routine and monitoring activities more efficient.

With a view to a 360° sustainability, with the ultimate goal of clarifying and providing viable solutions to companies and financial institutions, modefinance developed a proprietary ESG evaluation model, thus enabling a comprehensive analysis, which includes the social, environmental and governance impact.

The collaboration between Socrate iLab and modefinance summarizes two strategic aspects of business consulting: knowledge of organizational strategies and processes, and the application of innovative analysis tools, which allows not only a thorough and detailed business analysis, but also the possibility to carry out the programing of all the required development measures in accordance with ESG principles.