Passuello F.lli Corporate Credit Rating (Affirm)

Press release 24 September 2020

Corporate Credit Rating (Solicited) for PASSUELLO F.LLI S.R.L.: A3+ (Affirm)

modefinance published the Solicited Corporate Credit Rating of PASSUELLO F.LLI S.R.L. on its CRA website, and the rating assigned to the entity is A3+ (Affirm). The analysis revealed that the Company has average capability of repaying financial obligations, and is little affected by adverse economic scenarios.

Passuello F.lli S.r.l., based in Calalzo di Cadore (BL), is a family business with a long tradition in the energy sector, operating from several decades as suppliers of electricity, diesel, LPG gas, methane and pellets.

Key Rating Assumption

Over the whole period considered, the Passuello F.lli S.r.l. appears adequate, proving to be very solid both under the equity-financial and profitability point of view. The company proved to be able to generate significant liquid resources both in terms of self-financed cash flow and operating cash flow. The latter in particular shows significant signs of improvement compared to the previous year, thanks to a better management of working capital.

The company is rooted in Passuello family, which has been running a markedly family-run business since its foundation. Beyond the long tradition in business management, the company could benefited from a more structured organization.

The company operates in a very competitive sector, where the main big competitors benefit from the wide diffusion on the national territory. Compared to the sector's competitors, the Passuello F.lli is well-positioned.

The energy sector is subjected to high regulatory and technological variability, but to date the company has shown a great adaptability, achieving satisfactory results compared to its competitors. The sector appears healthy overall, although no signs of growth are given.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on economic activities, gross energy consumption will decrease in 2020, before returning to growth in 2021. The green policies undertaken will also lead to a further reduction in coal and oil consumption, in favor of renewable energy sources, while natural gas will maintain an important role in satisfying Italian energy needs.

The Italian economy, and the global one, are facing an unprecedented shock due to the Covid-19 outbreak, with significant contraction in GDP values and an increase in unemployment rate. Extraordinary measures have been adopted both at national and EU level and a return to pre-crisis levels will not happen before 2024.

Sensitivity Analysis

In the following table, the addressing factors, actions or events that could lead to an upgrade or a downgrade are summarized:


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Assistant Analyst – Andrea Marion
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Responsible for Rating Approval – Pinar Dilek
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