RaaS Risk Platform, data science for risk management

Products 21 June 2018

The features of a Fintech Rating Agency to protect your business

oplon risk platform is a predictive and modular solution that prevents investment funds, corporates, financial institutions and bank-like fintechs from counterparty insolvency risk.

An integrated and automated framework provided with a powerful array of risk management tools that allows a prompt and reliable assessment of the counterparties’ creditworthiness and default risk.

Thanks to the application of data science and BigData analytics, oplon allows the automation and digitalization of all procedures for the most advanced predictive analysis: from data input, to processing and monitoring results, all on a single platform.

All the steps of the decision-making process are streamlined and centralized in a collaborative and fully customizable platform, in which internal and external data and procedures are integrated to perform accurate scenario simulations and risk analysis.

A comprehensive solution to generate forward-looking models featuring:

  • MORE rating;
  • Custom sector comparison;
  • Custom models;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Portfolio Analytics;
  • Cash flow Analytics;
  • Debt capacity;
  • Custom probability of default(PD);
  • Expected loss (EL);
  • Loss given default (LGD);
  • Value at risk;
  • Loss allowances;
  • Capital allocation.

Reduce decision-making time by more than 60%.
Reduce the evaluation procedures costs of the 23%.
Eliminate 99% of manual data entry processes.

Risk assessment and management are now available on any device, desktop and mobile, thanks to oplon Risk Platform. Analysis and data can be downloaded as PDF reports or Excel files and can be shared with other applications via API.

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