s-peek 5.0: the new release is now online

Products 26 May 2021

We are glad to announce a new release of our credit risk assessment app: s-peek 5.0 is now online!

s-peek is the first product developed by modefinance and aims at making credit risk assessment methodologies transparent and accessible to everyone. The app has undergone a complete review in recent months: starting from user feedback, we've questioned every detail to define a new more immediate and user-friendly version.

To access the new version, simply login or register on s-peek.com.

s-peek 5.0: a brand new web app

s-peek is the web and mobile app for risk assessment developed by modefinance to allows SMEs and freelancer to easily access the public financial data of all the companies in Europe.

The app provides the credit score of over 25 million companies, allowing users to quickly understand the financial situation and reliability of customers, suppliers and business partners.

The assessments are elaborated through MORE, part of our validated credit rating methodology.

The last update involved a complete overhaul of the user interface and experience. All the changes were made pursuing principles of:

  • transparency: all the functions have been revised to make s-peek's offer more transparent; a report preview has been added, while the semaphore of the company's state of health has been improved with the addition of the rating classes which make up each risk band;
  • data freshness: company cards have been revised to simplify portfolio monitoring and management, increasing the space available for reporting updates. In addition, a new filter allows users to keep an eye on which reports have expired and which can be updated;
  • user-friendliness: based on user feedback, changes have been made to make the app easier to navigate. These include the creation of a private area for managing purchases and invoices.

All the changes aim at making s-peek an accessible tool for anyone, in order to allow any company or professional to protect its business from risks and unexpected events.