The MORE Rating validation of 134,828,155 Credit ratings

modefinance 29 July 2016

The rating validation of 134,828,155 Credit ratings: this is the true meaning of being the First Official Rating Agency Fintech

134,828,155 Credit Ratings calculated with an AUC Value (Accuracy Under the Curve) of 88.28: this is the phenomenal result of our annual validation of the Rating MORE methodology.

The validation was performed on all Countries in the world (about 200) and on the 2014/2015 financial statements.The one year transition matrix shows values on the main diagonal next to 60%, showing how the model reacts quickly to changes in economic and financial behaviour of the companies.

The Defaut Rate is rightly strictly monotonously with the decrease of the rating classes, starting from a value for the Class AAA 0.18% to a value for the Class D 94.12.

All these results are detailed in the official modefinance document at the following link.