Welcome to s-peek 4.0

Products 3 September 2019

s-peek 4.0 is now available

Today we officially launch a new update for s-peek, the app for assessing the creditworthiness of clients and customers.

Over the past few months s-peek has undergone several changes, all aimed at improving the user experience and expanding the app's functionality. We are now pleased to introduce you s-peek 4.0.

To access the new version, simply login or register on s-peek.com, or download the app from Google Play or App Store.

s-peek purpose

s-peek is the first product developed by modefinance and aims at making credit risk assessment methodologies transparent and accessible to everyone.

To reach this purpose s-peek collects the balance sheet data of all companies in Europe and provides a free and immediate assessment of their economic and financial health.

The assessments are carried out based on the MORE methodology.

s-peek's evolution

s-peek was launched in 2013. In the same year, modefinance began the registration process at ESMA to become the first Fintech Rating Agency.

Over time we released several updates in s-peek, taking advantage of the feedback collected and improving the app to meet the users' requirements. The most important one was launched in 2016, as we further extended the creditworthiness assessment to partnerships (previously, it was limited to corporations only) and to all the European companies.

Pursuing the principle of transparency, in the new version we focused on the credit risk section, in order to provide detailed insights on the elements that affect the creditworthiness evaluation.

In short, we have:

  • enriched the Credit Risk Analytics section of the Extended12M reports with new items;
  • introduced the possibility of archiving reports and deleting notes;
  • simplified the companies' research in the portfolio;
  • revised the portfolio section and the menu to simplify browsing within the app.

Besides, we redesign the web and mobile app. We changed fonts, updated icons and chose lighter colors, which better reflect what s-peek aims to be: a transparent, useful and intuitive tool for the companies' growth and soundness.