Evolving modefinance brand identity

modefinance 23 June 2017

New logo and graphic image

modefinance has evolved and matured over the last 7 years, by expanding the services provided and improving technologies. We’ve grown a lot, starting as a university spin-off project and eventually becoming an established company. A dream we built together. Day by day we have developed who we are now: the first European Fintech Credit Rating agency, capable of evaluating more than 200million companies and more than 35’000 banks worldwide.

To strengthen and better reflect our evolution, we updated modefinance’s brand, introducing a new logo and new colors, embracing our position in the industry. modefinance was born from combining tech skills (mode-) and financial knowledge (-finance). It is now time to definitely merge both sides into a unique entity. 

The new logo goes this way, and keeps it strikingly simple: the steady, approachable, rectangle logo encloses our new logotype. modefinance is set in a custom, geometric typeface, switching from grey and blue to a solid black. We have cleared our mission and exposed our roots, deep inside the MORE methodology.

To emphasize modefinance's soul, both established and disruptive, we sought two core colors: Oxford Blue and Citrin, which will identify our products from now on.

In a fast growing and competitive industry, modefinance’s new graphic layout will guarantee its customers an improved, more clear and reliable user experience, setting the brand as a reference point in the business information environment.