The value of growth: modefinance 2021 results

modefinance 6 June 2022

Numbers matter. They have value, meaning, above all as witnesses of the effectiveness of a project and of the market response.

This is why we are so proud of the record results of last 2021, which confirm modefinance as the pivot of the fintech world.

Always profitable since its foundation in 2009, modefinance records a constant growth trend, with a +50% CAGR since 2014. At the end of last year, revenues grew by 68%, net profit stood at 1.4 million euros, up + 328%, EBITDA to 2.6 million and shareholders' equity reached 2.7 million euros (+97%).

Undoubtedly important numbers, an indication of a not indifferent company solidity. Above all, an indication of a valid path established on equally valid people.

The results are the result of growing development in the various business areas: with an eye to the Credit Rating area, revenues in this segment grew by +126%, well beyond the estimates of +8.5% at the beginning of the year. With regard to issues related to the world of minibonds, we are once again confirmed as the leading Italian player, with 142 ratings issued, of which 8 'public' (5 new, plus 2 upgrades and 1 downgrade) and 134 'private' (many of these relating to the Basket Bond Mezzogiorno project), 84 newly issued and 50 revisions and / or monitoring.

The contribution to revenues deriving from the Tigran platform, up by +60%, is no less important.

2021 was also a fundamental year for the definition of new commercial partnerships, which saw us close +35% of signatures compared to the previous year, signed with leading banks and investment companies, including Finanziaria Internazionale (Banca Finint and Finint Sgr), Banca Progetto, Vivibanca, Banca Valsabbina, MOL - Mutui Online, Cherry Bank (formerly Banco delle Tre Venezie) and, across the border, the Nigerian Fidelity Bank and the Luxembourg consulting firm Apollonian, active in the private equity sector. At the base of success, as we said, there are not only cutting-edge technological solutions and a winning business model. The great resource that, from day one, distinguishes us are people: the development of human capital, with a focus on young people and gender equality, places us at the forefront of the sector, and has led us in 2021 to a hiring plan important, with an increase in employees of +30%, of which 34% women. Today, the average age is 34 years old.

Valentino Pediroda and Mattia Ciprian, who have always guided modefinance, commented on the amazing results as follows: "The results we have achieved are tangible proof that testify the validity of our model and of the entrepreneurial choices made with a view to development and internationalization. of our offer. We are really pleased to see our intuitions grow year after year. Our goal for the future is to consolidate the Italian market, where we are recognized as the most innovative Rating Agency, and continue to develop the foreign market, where we aim to become one of the technological reference points for the financial world and companies, in credit risk assessment and strategic analysis ".