Credit Risk Application Service

The custom financial risk management

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Everyday, companies need an increasingly accurate and reliable financial risk analysis, integrated with internal company information and implemented within ERP and CRM management systems.

modefinance meets these specific requirements by developing customized risk analysis platforms, where assessments and technical specifications are tailored to customer needs.

We acquire and merge any available information, from quantitative to qualitative, internal and proprietary information, to provide the customer the most precise and complete credit risk analysis.

Our Fintech analysts develop the products through heterogeneous skills (financial and IT), building tailor-made vertical assessment models on customer requirements. Starting from the Big Data internal analysis to the application of advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, modefinance creates the financial risk management model required by the customer.

Credit Risk Application Service platforms implement all the risk management procedures, from evaluating to auditing and insolvency, are fully integrable to internal business data flow (CRM, ERP, database, etc.) and are web-based using the most innovative software development technologies.