modefinance unveils tigran, the brand new name of the Rating-as-a-Service platform

Products 16 November 2020

One of the biggest challenge in developing AI technologies in finance is being able to stay up-to-date to markets needs and customers' request.

After two years of continuous development, oplon Risk Platform no longer embodies the solution and the transformation that has gone through. Finding a suitable replacement hasn’t been easy, but here we are.

Today we’re excited to announce tigran, the brand new name of our Rating-as-a-Service platform.

The genesis

We developed and launched oplon Risk Platform in June 2018. The project's intent was simple, though hard to put into practice: providing all the analysis tools used by rating agencies within a comprehensive platform to allow anyone to create a custom credit risk evaluation process. With the European financial system reform, creditworthiness analysis procedures have assumed a key role in risk mitigation. 

Our goal was to automate the entire risk analysis process by exploiting data science technologies, currently employed in modefinance, and develop powerful analysis tools with a high predictive capacity. Furthermore, it included tools for creditworthiness assessment, portfolio risk analysis tools, and predictive tools for estimating expected and unexpected losses, having a solid and reliable core: MORE, the Data Science methodology for credit risk assessment developed by modefinance co-founders.

New name, new vision: tigran

oplon was the ancient Greek term for shield. A shield against risks.

With time, its meaning limited the solution potential and its nowcasting attitude. Many custom model have been developed, some of which are suitable for different application. Like ForST, the forecasting and stress test model, which has evolved into a stand-alone tool for companies' creditworthiness dynamic assessment against sudden macroeconomic changes and its credit score evolution - the Market Reactive More Score developed in partnership with Bureau Van Dijk and Moody's Analytics.

Such a complex and articulate extension is perfectly summarized by the concept of Rating-as-a-Platform, which expresses the modular set of tools and services that users can access to quickly obtain an easy-to-understand assessment of the inherent risk of a given operation.

The fields of applications also extended: from factoring to crowdfunding, from project finance to banking due diligence. The platform becomes increasingly agile: the various analysis modules are like letters of an anagram, which can be combined in different ways to create a custom rating process. And from the word rating derives the platform's brand new name: tigran.

tigran is not limited to a credit risk analysis platform, but a inherent developing solution conceived for allowing users to gather into a single platform all the models they need (either modefinance's standard and/or customer's proprierary) and to desing any analysis journey, to comply with their business daily, in a seamless and fully automated way.

tigran has no longer just a shield function, to protect proprietary interests and activities, but a proactive force in forecasting trends and changes, to react promptly to future challenges. And its logo embodies all the key principles that inspire the platform: protection, adaptability, and nowcasting.