Scaling global: the launch of modefinance international

modefinance 26 November 2021

As a native Fintech – better, TechFin – company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics solutions for credit risk analysis and management, and an officially recognized Credit Rating Agency focused on companies’ and banks’ creditworthiness assessment, we face everyday global challenges. Not just to compete on a commercial level, but to be able to adapt to different markets and data cultures, we interact with several countries since day one.

And these are the keys for today's launch of modefinance international, in order to expand our knowledge and presence internationally, with main focuses on Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. 

modefinance will deliver through modefinance International its data science, AI expertise and advanced tech solutions, such as Tigran, a Rating-as-a-service platform capable of automating and digitizing the entire credit analysis and evaluation procedure developed on banking and financial world specific needs. Tigran has recently been recognized with characteristics of uniqueness: the modularity of the platform, its adaptability to different approaches, an extensive and internally developed financial modeling, a concrete saving on computational resources. The market results obtained these years, and the concrete advantage for the clients to adopt and customize such a flexible solution, testimony the good performance of the platform and the vision of modefinance itself.

modefinance international is the result of synergies in terms of human capital and investments carried forward during the years between modefinance and its exclusive distributor A for Value, with a positive impact related to streamline risk underwriting process and product development for customized solutions. modefinance international will be led by Cristian Giacomini as CEO and Gianfranco Sanseverino as deputy CEO.

"As modefinance, we strongly believe that the automation of the rating evaluation process can be an element of strong interest for the emerging markets, touching many sectors, from banks, to asset management up to multinational corporates." commented Valentino Pediroda, modefinance co-founder and CEO, "We have chosen the Middle-East as the starting point thanks to the excellent market feedback we have had up to now."

Cristian Giacomini, modefinance international CEO, said: "The creation of modefinance international LTD is a strong statement of intent from the shareholders of the company on the value of the FinTech solution applicable to mature and emerging ecosystems.

The streamlining of the underwriting process using a fully customized approach based on innovative technology has played an important role throughout the pandemic for our clients involved in lending and guaranteeing activities. The same approach will be key to driving growth and increase the confidence level for firms involved in historical underserved segments like lending to SMEs or investing on products ESG compliant."